Why choose Zoho People?

Put an end to Excel spreadsheets, tedious searches and redundant information once and for all, and have all your employees’ information in one place, from their onboarding to their departure, including tracking their skills, time and attendance, etc.


Track the recruitment and integration of your candidates

Candidates are finely managed to be transformed into employees without duplicating information. Management of contracts, their various parts, training for newcomers, are all functionalities that can be put under control for a better integration of your employees. The portal allows you to track the progress of applications and integrations.


Optimize your employees' time and attendance management

Keep track of your employees’ attendance automatically, manage shift work (e.g. 3 shifts), and facilitate the management of vacations and timesheets, regardless of the employee’s location.

Timesheet and leave validation is fully customizable to your specific processes.


Manage your employees' performance

Employee objectives and skills are managed collaboratively and centrally, for better management of performance appraisals and talent identification. Salaries associated with employees are stored securely.


Single employee portal

All employee information is grouped together in a single portal, into which you can embed your specific, customizable processes: medical check-ups, trainee management, frequently asked questions, etc. to make life easier for employees, not just the HR team!

EKIP-R Kelvélo

Témoignages Mobix - Ekip-RMOBIX configured Zoho to suit our business. We’ve even been able to develop a feature specific to our business. And we continue to build on their expertise. Thanks to Florian for his availability, his attentiveness and his professionalism. I highly recommend it.

MIHARU Forever Boutique

Testimonials Mobix - MiharuMOBIX has been an excellent service provider for the implementation of Zoho software. Professionalism and efficiency. 100% recommendation.

GARDIO Pizza Campus

Testimonials Mobix - GardioMOBIX helps us with integrations between Zoho and various other systems. Fast and very knowledgeable, invaluable support for us!

HEYLIOT FAA French American Academy

Testimonials Mobix - HeyliotMOBIX was able to support us perfectly as we took control of our CRM. The advice we received was immediately put into action, and within a few days we were able to get back on track. So I recommend MOBIX without hesitation!

Offer your employees exceptional experiences The world of work is changing fast, and your human resources practices need to keep pace. Zoho People is a cloud-based HR software designed to retain employees, adapt quickly to change, and drive agility and efficiency in HR management. Simplify your HR operations, retain talent and develop high-performance teams, while putting the employee experience first.

Anomalies, suggestions, predictions.

Built-in artificial intelligence allows you to go even further and detect anomalies or produce predictions and suggestions.

Secure data.

With Zoho People, data is secure and accessible in real time and from anywhere, because it’s a cloud solution.

Personalized follow-up.

At MOBIX, we’re committed to providing customized implementation and follow-up of your HR solution.


Zoho People also connects seamlessly with third-party applications and other Zoho tools (Zoho Projects, Zoho Analytics, etc.).

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