Why choose Zoho Social?

Creating content for your social networks is exhausting and resource-intensive. Building a value-added content system is a real step forward. How can you be organized and regular enough to deploy your marketing activities on the networks and get the best return on investment? With Zoho Social’s powerful and efficient management and reporting tools, optimize the reach of your content on Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn. At MOBIX, we’re convinced users, and here are our favorite features on the Zoho Social platform.


Reach your targets

Schedule your publications when your audience is most receptive. Adapt your posts to different time zones around the world, so you can reach your targets wherever they are on the planet.


Building long-term digital strategies

Prepare your editorial calendar, for long-term construction of your digital strategies. You can always modify your plans if necessary.


Addressing your customers' concerns

Monitor your audience’s interactions and engagement on each network in real time. Be responsive and provide answers to your customers’ concerns.


All about your E-reputation

Identify the hashtags and keywords used by your audience when they mention you. Learn all about your e-reputation.


Understanding your audience

Use predefined indicators or create your own analysis tools, to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience’s activity.


Study ROI

You can study the return on investment (ROI) of your social marketing efforts by tracking key metrics such as clicks, engagements, conversions, as well as user demographics and behavior. This information enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust your strategy to achieve optimum ROI.


A simple, intuitive interface

Save time on every publication! With a simple, intuitive interface, you can manage all your publications in a single tab, or share content without having to save it first. No need to switch from computer to cell phone, you can manage all your networks with a single solution: a real productivity booster!


Manage all your accounts

If you’re an agency or community manager, manage all your customers’ accounts and brands with Zoho Social. You can extract reports, insert your logo and send them to your customers.

EKIP-R Kelvélo

Témoignages Mobix - Ekip-RMOBIX configured Zoho to suit our business. We’ve even been able to develop a feature specific to our business. And we continue to build on their expertise. Thanks to Florian for his availability, his attentiveness and his professionalism. I highly recommend it.

MIHARU Forever Boutique

Testimonials Mobix - MiharuMOBIX has been an excellent service provider for the implementation of Zoho software. Professionalism and efficiency. 100% recommendation.

GARDIO Pizza Campus

Testimonials Mobix - GardioMOBIX helps us with integrations between Zoho and various other systems. Fast and very knowledgeable, invaluable support for us!

HEYLIOT FAA French American Academy

Testimonials Mobix - HeyliotMOBIX was able to support us perfectly as we took control of our CRM. The advice we received was immediately put into action, and within a few days we were able to get back on track. So I recommend MOBIX without hesitation!

Zoho Social is one of the most successful social networking systems on the market today. Users appreciate the simplicity of its interfaces, comprehensive publishing tools and detailed reports for each activity. Pair it with other Zoho software for even greater efficiency!

Anomalies, suggestions, predictions.

Built-in artificial intelligence allows you to go even further and detect anomalies or produce predictions and suggestions.

Secure data.

With Zoho Social, data is secure and accessible in real time and from anywhere, because it’s a cloud solution.

Personalized follow-up.

At MOBIX, we’re committed to providing customized implementation and follow-up for your project.


Zoho Social connects with third-party applications, your existing business tools and other Zoho tools.

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