Why choose Zoho Sign?

Reduce paper consumption and archive storage, adopt electronic signatures. It has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. Choose efficient, secure document management to facilitate project approval. We’ll help you set up your Zoho Sign software and integrate it seamlessly into your business.



Sign your documents in just a few clicks and speed up your transactions.


Faster project validation

Ask your employees, customers, partners and suppliers for their digital signature, for faster validation. Impose a signature order on your contacts, integrate the signature into your workflows, for validation in line with your usual procedures.


Edit reusable templates

Edit customizable, reusable templates to integrate your logo, reinforce your visual identity and save time on subsequent mailings.


Fully customizable

Zoho Sign is fully customizable: individual or group messages, sending a single document or multiple documents, drag-and-drop for form fields. So you can tailor each shipment to your needs.


Act in real time

Forget the slowness of paper with the mobile app, request or provide a signature from your cell phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.


Optimize your follow-up

Set automatic reminder and expiry dates, and receive notification when a document is completed, signed or rejected.


Secure document management

The definition of user roles, multi-factor authentication with codes, high-quality data encryption, and encryption while your information is in transit are all designed to ensure security at every stage of the signature process.

EKIP-R Kelvélo

Témoignages Mobix - Ekip-RMOBIX configured Zoho to suit our business. We’ve even been able to develop a feature specific to our business. And we continue to build on their expertise. Thanks to Florian for his availability, his attentiveness and his professionalism. I highly recommend it.

MIHARU Forever Boutique

Testimonials Mobix - MiharuMOBIX has been an excellent service provider for the implementation of Zoho software. Professionalism and efficiency. 100% recommendation.

GARDIO Pizza Campus

Testimonials Mobix - GardioMOBIX helps us with integrations between Zoho and various other systems. Fast and very knowledgeable, invaluable support for us!

HEYLIOT FAA French American Academy

Testimonials Mobix - HeyliotMOBIX was able to support us perfectly as we took control of our CRM. The advice we received was immediately put into action, and within a few days we were able to get back on track. So I recommend MOBIX without hesitation!

The digital signature is part of the simplification of managing your business Zoho Sign cloud software lets you adopt it with confidence, with an easy, accessible interface. Like all applications in the Zoho suite, Zoho Sign integrates your usual tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365 or Outlook.

Anomalies, suggestions, predictions.

Built-in artificial intelligence allows you to go even further and detect anomalies or produce predictions and suggestions.

Secure data.

With Zoho Sign, data is secure and accessible in real time and from anywhere, because it’s a cloud solution.

Personalized follow-up.

At MOBIX, we’re committed to providing customized implementation and follow-up of your electronic signature solution.


Zoho Sign connects seamlessly with other Zoho tools.

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