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ZOHO CRM – How to deploy your ZOHO CRM in 7 days?

Zoho CRM in 7 days

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The ambition of this ebook is not to guide you through the setup process as such – we have other resources for that – but rather to lead you along the path to an efficient Zoho CRM deployment, without losing sight of the strategic points.

Once you have read this book, which I have kept deliberately short so as not to frighten you, you should have the basics you need to set up your CRM in the right conditions. We will be talking here about ZOHO’s CRM, which is the one I know best because it is the one we integrate at MOBIX. However, these basic principles are the same, whatever CRM you want to deploy.

Of course, these are just the basics, but they are essential! These are the entry points that my team and I use during our customer audits.

And if you’d like to perfect this tool, of course you’re free to do so!

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